Have your say

Plans for Rochford District Council’s regeneration programme are coming together. We want to hear from YOU to ensure that the designs best reflect the future needs of the people using the buildings.

Over the next few months there will be opportunity to have your say on:

  • The new purpose-built community centre at Rayleigh
  • The extension and upgrade to the Freight House at Rochford
  • The new homes planned for Rochford and Rayleigh

Since the Voyage Partnership was formed in October 2020, the team have completed technical surveys of the sites to understand the opportunities and constraints that define the development proposals.

We have also been talking to stakeholders including Rochford District Council Planning Department, Statutory Consultees, Conservation Advisors and Historic England. We have held several meetings with the building users including the Council and representatives from community groups.

The plans have evolved, and we would like to share these with you before they are finalised and submitted to the Council Planners via a formal Planning Submission.

Plans are available for viewing and downloading via this website and there is a short survey to complete with your views and comments.

We will share a summary of the feedback received on this website, and where appropriate we will incorporate your comments into the developing designs prior to Planning Submission.

Click on one of the developments below to view plans and have your say:

3-15 South Street, Rochford Engagement window now closed
57 South Street, Rochford Engagement window now closed
Freight House, Rochford Engagement window now closed
Civic Suite Site, Rayleigh Engagement window 10th March to 18th April
The Mill Site, Rayleigh Engagement window 10th March to 18th April

Webinar Questions

We received a high number of questions relating to the Rayleigh sites. We have grouped these into themes, and you can select the topic you are interested in below for a detailed response to questions raised.

These responses are correct at the time of publishing however, as we are in the pre-application consultation stage, the designs are still evolving, and some responses may need to be reviewed we reach planning application stage.

The full recording of the webinar is now available via the Rochford District Council YouTube page www.rochford.gov.uk/AssetsPublicWebinarMarch